Watch: Myanmar

Myanmar is the most interesting country we’ve visited so far. See where to go in Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon, and the Inle Lake, as well as the less visited Naypitaw and Mawlaminye. The man-made structures specifically are awe-inspiring.


Who We Are

Why a travel website? Who are Kulani and Christian?

13 Ways To Avoid The Crowds When Traveling

It’s not called a “getaway” for nothing! If you’re like us, being herded like cattle through crowds while traveling can almost completely ruin the experience of a destination. Here’s how to avoid that as much as possible.

How Not To Write About Traveling In South-Asia

It’s not cheap, it’s more affordable. It’s not under-developed, it’s developing. It’s not always OK to break the rules, or bargain for everything. What to avoid when writing about South-Asia.

Why You Should Visit Brač, Croatia

Visit a more authentic, less crowded island on your vacation to Croatia: Here’s how to get there and what to do in Brač, Croatia, from renting ATVs to Konoba Mendula.

What To See And What To Miss in Berlin, Germany

Do you really need to see Checkpoint Charlie? How do you plan your trip to the Reichstag? What are some lesser-known spots to visit? Your guide to Berlin by a German and expat wife is here.