About Kula and Christian


We come from very different places. Kula’s first flight was when she was 2 years old, from the paradise island of Sri Lanka (where she was born and raised) to Singapore. While Kula enjoyed the beach and the feel of white sand between her feet, Christian, from Germany, enjoyed skiing vacations and cruises through the Scandinavian fjords. We met in 2013 and realized our compatibility during our first trip together to Rome, Italy.



Our first trip together: Bremen, Germany -> Rome, Italy

Since then we’ve lived in Germany, Greece, and the United States, and have traveled countless cities and islands.

4 months and some change in Greece

After two and a half years of transatlantic long distance (Kula in Princeton, New Jersey, USA and Christian in Bremen, Germany) we promised to keep annoying each other for the rest of our travel adventures to come when we got married on January 6th of this year.

We got hitched!

While we always travel on a budget (having been students most of our lives!) we personally prefer to stay at hotels over hostels and do “upscale things on a downscaled budget.” The question of how we travel so often like this is the million dollar question we always get asked.

Traveling on a budget is never a bad thing (in our opinion). You determine your own budget, but we manage to travel (and splurge!) without breaking the bank.

Who knew you could enjoy Capri on a budget?!

There are also other barriers to travel, such as visa regulations, as we know all too well. You don’t have to have the most powerful passport in the world (ahem, German passport, ahem) to travel as often as you pragmatically can, as Kula knows, with her Sri Lankan passport 😉 There’s always a place you can go, or a budget you can work on.

Our simple hope is that you can use this site to realize that your dream travel destination is within reach, or simply that you pick a place, pack and bag, and go on an adventure.

Christian currently studies International Management and Finance and Kula just finished up her Master’s in Social Psychology from Princeton University. You can read more about her work at http://www.kulanipdias.com

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Galle, Sri Lanka