Why a travel website?

  • We want to create concise travel guides and tips for young, adventurous travelers which are focused on their needs and based less on our streams of consciousness during our travels. To that end, we format our articles with “Do’s” and “Don’ts” and “things to remember” when traveling to a specific place. Our blog is based less on our individual thoughts and anecdotes and more on what we can recommend to do and not to do when traveling to specific destination. We tend to keep our posts short so that you can spend more time adventuring and less time reading.
  • Note that our guides are in no way geared to be all-encompassing of any destination (we don’t believe any guide can do that!) They are a compilation of recommendations based on our experiences while visiting a specific destination.We tend to focus on recommending more out of the way spots than famous restaurants, bars, or tourist attractions.
  • We are strong advocates of conscious tourism i.e. take nothing, and leave nothing behind when you visit a destination. We want to take our travelers to those lesser known spots away from the crowds, and advocate for less noise and litter pollution when travelling.
  • We do upscale things on a downscaled budget. We don’t stay in hostels but recommend good hotels, inns, etc. on a budget. We believe that there’s nothing wrong with traveling on a budget, whatever your income – you determine you budget, but it always helps you travel more, and travel longer!
  • We believe that travel can broaden horizons and contact with new cultures can help us all learn and be more flexible and thoughtful in our worldviews. To that end, we want to help travelers achieve their dreamcation – on a budget!


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